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Hi Donna Glad to have you join us and look forward to getting to know you.

Saw my 228 even this morning so did good. I had a little more fiber yesterday but in smaller quantities. I even had pop corn last night. Air popped about half of what I used to and I use whipped butter now instead of regular and I melted 2 T of it and poured over the pop corn. I missed the salt a little and since I'm used to eating a little more but as I've learned from Intuitive Eating... if you wait a few minutes that desire for more will go away and I'm happy to say that it did pass pretty quickly and the feeling of satisfaction was felt. We are just in the habit in the country to want bigger servings so it is nice to know that we can break those bad habits. FBS was still in the 150s down a little from yesterday.

I found a thread on here of women who do fiber dieting and one of them suggested to someone else to look up diuretic foods which I did since I seem to be retaining fluid a lot lately. I already use some of the veggies but I was surprised to learn that oats is a diuretic food as well. I do like oats from time to time. Also found it interesting when I read the article that beside being recommended foods for edema it was also foods recommended for high blood pressure. My Daddy just got out of the hospital because he has been having problems with high blood pressure. He is perfectly healthy other than his bp and so is my sister. So I sent them a copy of the article.

Interesting thing about the fiber way of eating is that I have a book called "Reversing Diabetes" and I found it difficult to do because it kind of does away with the protein. One of the girls on it does high fiber/high protein and is losing nicely. I know from the article I read we diabetics need to not eat so much carbs at any one meal, but I might have to check into keeping up with the fiber as I thin that is a problem for me. I can always tell when I've eaten more fiber by whether I'm regular or not. I checked back over MFP totals and my fiber is way too low. So that is something that I need to work on. No roughage, no potty equals no weight loss and higher fbs readings.

Busy day. We haven't done out taxes yet. I'm bad about putting it off when I know we are going to have to pay in so I've got to get off my buttocks and get it ready for hubby to do. Also tonight is Bible study and we need to run by Walmart to pick up a few things before we go to church. Would go after but DH has a prescription to pick up.

Hope everyone has a good day.

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