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Good morning ladies,

I see some of you on FB so I assume you are trickling your way over here. Today is happy anniversary day for me and the hubster. 37 years and yes, I had to go an calculate it because once we hit 25 years, I can never remember how long we have been married. Forever. Together 42 which seems so weird as we don't feel like Gramma and Grampa Jones, but I guess we are Not sure what we will do as far as dinner today - DH wasn't keen on the 90 minute drive each way over to Duluth for a better restaurant so I think we might stick with the local steak place. Although this is Ash Wednesday - start of Lent, high holy day of Catholicism and no meat today. Although I am not a big church goer, I do try to make a sacrifice or two during Lent, so if we did go out it would have to be meatless. I was talking to my Mom yesterday and Pope "Momma" gave me dispensation if I wanted to have steak today - said I could switch up the days and go meatless tomorrow since it was my anniversary and all

Went to physical therapy yesterday. They did the dry needling in my right leg. It was not something I'd want to do on a regular basis and I don't think I'd like acupuncture either. I can't deny tho that after he was done (thank goodness) - it did relieve the muscle knots in my legs. I'm just not sure about this for the long term. I tend to agree that there must be something in my back which "moves" because the pain moves from place to place, side to side so I'm thinking this needling is a temporary fix.

Going to post this and check if there are updates from you guys before I head to personals.
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