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Default Fatties: why stables ones and evolving ones? Unfair!!!

When I regained last year, I decided to accept my fatty self the way I was. I was chubby, looked good as a chubby woman so why was I going to strain myself through another diet? After all there all hundreds of good looking chubby women around me, like my friend X.
X is a chubby woman. Fluffy everywhere. Loooves to eat. And yet beautiful and seems to have come to good terms with her body. X is never on diet, X doesn't exercise as much as I do, X this, X that. So I decided to accept my weight and be a good looking trendy fatty just like X.
Problem is, I can't stop piling weight up on my body when I reason like that! Day in day out, I wear more and more lbs. I don't eat more. I just eat well everyday, and do not exercise.
X however has remained the same chubby fluffy fatty the whole time! She never loses one gram, and never gains one gram.
BIIIIG SIGH! Why is nature this unfair?

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