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Glad you're staying, sorry you're having some down days, we all have them.

I always read your IE posts because I do my own personal version of IE. While I try to abstain completely from my trigger foods, I practice IE with all the rest of the foods. I don't calorie count, and if I'm hungry I eat something.

Also,it may just be semantics when people talk about "hunger" in ways you can't relate to. For instance, I have often said "hunger is my enemy". Which sounds odd, really, but what I really mean is that "I refuse to starve any more". If I try to force my body to ignore hunger I usually end up going down the road to a binge. For me, extreme hunger is a trigger to bad behavior. Yet, for many years I would ignore hunger because I was rigidly sticking to some calorie plan -- which would of course fail.

I finally realized that if I was feeling hunger it was ok to eat something -- just not a trigger food. I never, ever got fat because I ate a big salad. Or a bunch of roasted veggies.

Anyway, I'm sort of rambling now, mostly I just wanted to say that I find your posts valuable and hope you can find the support you are looking for here -- a variety of viewpoints is something this site should always have!

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