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Sitting in the airport waiting for 11:25 to get here. We've been here since 7:45, and it's now 9:21. I was the lucky one chosen to go through the extensive security and set the alarm off. The lady rubbed paper swabs over my hands and then put it in a machine. I'm not sure what they were looking for. The other Iowa couple left in the afternoon and he got sniffed by the dog. Bob was kind enough to go with me even though he didn't have to.

Maggie -- No, I didn't bring the lei home. It's been over a week and it wasn't looking very fresh any more. Both bags were under 50#s, but the DUMB blonde in the office pushed the wrong button, and we were put in Zone 1, first to board after 1st class instead of hitting the paid in advance for checked luggage. So we each were charged $35 for Zone 1, then $25 each for luggage. I plan to send her an email and tell her to pay attention next time! I didn't sleep well last night so sure hope I can sleep on the plane.

Susan -- Glad you enjoyed the quilting weekend! Hard to believe it's time to set the clocks ahead already and Easter is just around the corner. Hope your weather shapes up for you.

Guess I will read for awhile and save my iPad for later. Have a great day tomorrow!
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