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We went to the gym but my GERD was acting up and I didn't feel well, so I only walked 20 min (almost a mile), and did 17 min on the stationery bike, so I'd at least get my cardio. I was very tired so laid down for a couple hours, didn't sleep, but rested. Felt better after lunch so then started my housework. All done now except I still have one load of laundry to wash and one to dry.

Dh got started on chopping the wood from the trees. So much to do! He has to use a dolly to move the big pieces and hopes to get help from our son on some weekend soon. So no rush but it's a big job. He has a wood chopper but will need probably need to rent another one for the very large pieces.

I messed up a little on my eating plan tonight. We shared take out orange chicken and spring rolls. I ate both and that's two carbs per 1-1-1. Also this morning I had a mocha (my comfort food when I don't feel well) when my bs really wasn't low enough.

My carbs were perfect today, but fat was high and I got 20 gms fiber. My calories were higher than I should have now but not terrible. I have decided not fixate on them since they are usually ok when I eat my own cooking. But eating restaurant food can be depressing and I need to be more careful about what i eat of restaurant foods.

Dh is calling me, so no time for personals today.

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