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Ugh, I had a bad day today. I didn't really want to talk about it here, but here I go.

Breakfast: Smoothie with protein powder, frozen strawberries and blueberries, almond milk, a bit of greek yogurt, flax seeds and spinach.. (split into two smoothies) - about 350 cals; Some orange spiced dark chocolate (I know, chocolate in the morning? terrible).

Lunch: Tuna with veggies (bell pepper, cucumber, celery); blueberries and blackberries with walnuts

Snacks: a few baby carrots, a plum, an apple

Mid afternoon: one and a half pieces of banana bread that someone brought to work (I think this is what derailed me..) then a client gave me a fresh homemade cinnamon bun, and then I went to buy ingredients for a birthday cake I'm making and for some reason impulsively got yogurt raisins even though they always make me feel sick... so I ate those. And now I feel terrible. I did have a bad day though, I found out I did terribly on an exam and have been very stressed out and didn't get a chance to work out. GAH.

So there it all is. But, tomorrow is another day. I think I really need to be careful if I'm at all upset to not stray from what I've planned to eat. When I am not upset I can usually control it, but if I'm at all feeling stressed I just can't.. I bought myself a new scale, which I'm excited to see show a smaller number.
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