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Afternoon all,

Seems like cold weather has us all. Since they declared summer dead we have had cold, rain and today some snow flurries. It's not nice out there. The snow doesn't even reach the ground but it is interesting to see it wafting around out there. Our weather should improve to more autumn type stuff later in the week. Which is good because I still want to go and see this light show.
Ours is a case of March coming in like a lamb and turning into a lion. As I sit here in the office I can scarcely see the harbour or some of the buildings down the street for that matter.

Happy - good article on ageing. I enjoyed it. I am glad I have been around this long to see so many things - both good and bad - make history. Like Laura I am glad I am not growing up in todays world. It really hasn't changed for the better in my opinion.

Annie - chin up. This too shall pass. I'm sorry for the DS and DIL. However it might have been natures way of saying that things just weren't right. Next time will be better. Tell them to keep practising and to relax about the whole thing. Que sera sera.

Laura - You get to see some great bloopers in this job. They were a couple that amused me. No doubt if I had a closer look, I would find some more. Your new title in Linkedin looks quite impressive.

Ceejay - don't think we will get to the point where we are frozen to the ground over here. This is just a big low sitting out to sea just east of here. Hopefully it will soon pass.
Nice to know that the apple cart is turned over. Makes you feel really good then to know it wasn't your mistake.

Michelle - hope the vet can work out the problem with Santa's paw. Poor little guy. Avocado should be good for you. Full of vitamins and the good fat, but just don't eat too much of them. Fat is fat after all.

And that is about it. I have a beaten path to my door with stuff that others can't finish so I should go check out the e-mails. I hope you all have an above zero day.
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