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I don't qualify for this golden girl group as I'm only 42 but loved the GG show and wanted to chime in. On FB quiz I'm part Dorothy and part Sophia. No surprise there. On the brainfall one I was Stan?... What the heck. But
When I read the description it was spot on.....
You are Stan. You are a little introverted and do not crave attention. You tend to keep just a handful of close friends and cringe when you have to go to big gatherings. You like the free things in life- like a beautiful sunset and the laugh of a child. You are super sensitive and this means your feelings can get hurt a little easier than most. Your friends love and respect you.

Anyway, I feel terrible that I have been complaining about the terrible rain all weekend when I am reading that u guys r in the teens up north. I live in SoCal and I have a tshirt on with the window open. I think it is 65 today. Cool for us. I'm sorry I'm such a whimp. But we have all the stressed out idiots that r rude and inconsiderate and impatient and Inattentive on the road and would rather run u over than let u in front of them. Or would hunt u down for a parking spot. Sorry I lived in AZ for 5 years and miss that slower pace. Wish there was somewhere that had good weather and nice folks like all of u.
Just starting this weight loss thing and only 2 days in on Wendy chant program. First week is low carb. Ugh. I think tomorrow will be better. Anyway kids want me to quit diet coke too which is probably the worst part. Wish me luck
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