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Good Morning! The sun is shining although there is a haze around the mountain top.

"Gma" -- Nope, not at the airport! It's 7:46 here and we are waiting for the office to open so we can print our boarding passes. We are sweating the luggage weight but "oh well." Our plane leaves at 11:25 tonight but they say we need to be there at least three hours early. We have to have our luggage scanned for plants and anything else they might not want to leave the island. Then we check in with the airline and stand in the security check line. I guess everyone is checked, scanned, etc., which is ok with me. It made me a little nervous when they let so many just walk on through when we flew to Phoenix in January. I knew I was ok but wondered about some of the other strange looking people. The dress looks very pretty! You are a good woman when you can clean and knit at the same time!

Susan and Maggie -- Hope all is well with both of you. Time to check in!

Have a terrific Tuesday and I will "see" you when I get home.
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