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Morning all. Happy Fat Tuesday!

Annie – I’m so sorry to hear about your DS and DIL. I know miscarriage isn’t very uncommon, but it’s still very sad when it happens. You were good to be encouraging and positive with them, that’s what they need right now! And I'm so sorry to hear you've been terminated too! I’m so sorry about that. You have a lot of sadness going on in your life right now, but I hope you can at least view your upcoming job search as a challenge and opportunity to have a happier work life. I know right now it seems like there’s so much bad, but I hope you can find a way to start ticking off the good things as well to get you through this hard time. You will definitely overcome!!

Happy – Gosh, I don’t know if I like getting older. There’s certainly some good and bad to it. This does not really address that question, but I think I’m actually glad not to be a young person today. The world is a different place now and I’m happy to have grown up when I did. Does every generation say that?? I wonder. The Humane Society event sounded nice. So wonderful to recognize the efforts of the volunteers/contributors. I’m starting to think about what bf and I can do for our lab rescue org. Their big fundraiser is their annual auction/dinner that comes up in April or May. I’m thinking about putting together something for the silent auction.

Shad – No, I don’t have a new job, new title, new anything with work. No congratulations necessary. I was just trying to take a baby step on Linkedin and make my work experience accurate as to job titles/years to-from, at least for my current & previous position. And apparently every revision gets announced to the world. I suppose there was a setting I should have shut off before I made the changes so that wouldn’t happen…I guess I need the “Linkedin for Dummies” book. On to other topics - that soup sounds tasty. Makes me want to go out for some Thai food!! Glad to hear you leave work while it’s still light out…but those are some long workdays regardless. I love mistake #2 – makes me giggle.

Ceejay – Brrr, still cold in your neck of the woods I see. I hope the sun is melting the ice and things can get back to normal for you. Nice of the boss to give you a lift to/from work.

Michelle – Awww, I’m so sorry Santa’s paw is not healing more quickly, and I’m sorry he’s in pain. Poor baby! I hope the vet can help. Good job with the workout yesterday. Glad your doc didn’t up your diabetes meds – now to work on getting the numbers right for next time!! I enjoyed Ellen hosting the Oscars. I hope she continues to host in future years. Of the Oscar movies, I saw "Dallas Buyers Club", "The Wolf of Wall Street", "American Hustle", and "Blue Jasmine". Of all of those, I think all would be worth watching except Wolf of Wall Street. It was entertaining, but a lot of people might be turned off by the subject matter, and it went on for too long. I’m not the biggest fan of the movie “The Blind Side”, but I like Sandra Bullock and so I’d definitely see "Gravity". Yeh, I thought Cait Blanchett’s comment about that was not nice, or at the very least came out wrong…but she apparently couldn’t stop babbling on and on in her acceptance speech, so I’ll give her the benefit of a doubt as to whether that was intended to be an insult. I’d also like to see the movie “Philomena”.

Hellos to Terra and Susie.
I didn’t get to the gym last night, but I did do two sets of my pushup challenge reps, one set off the weight bench and one set on the floor, knee version. I followed that with a Body Electric workout – triceps, inner & outer thighs and quads. After that I did a set of 50 crunches on my stability ball.

No movie tonight, they moved it to Thursday this week.

I have my WW weigh-in shortly. The most I can hope for is no gain, but I don’t think that will be the case. It’s Fat Tuesday - I’d much rather be eating pasczki (sp??) and king cake than stepping on the scale… fortunately, neither of those are in front of me or within reach at this moment, lol.
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