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Annie - thanks for checking in. I'm very sorry to hear about your DIL's miscarriage. That has to be particularly tough with Sissy about to deliver. Take care and try and find something to give you some positive energy.

Shad - it sounds sooo odd to hear that February is the end of summer. I am wishing for an end of winter myself. Tired of being cold all the time, tired of always hurting with some sort of intense ache and pain. I liked your typos when proofreading although I had to look at one twice for a minute before I caught it!

Ceejay - how nice that the boss gave you a ride back and forth to work! Hope the ice melts quickly.

Michelle - bummer that your A1C went up a smidge. I guess this should be good incentive to make time for the gym. My sister was saying that her doctor said they around age 50 it gets harder and harder to keep the numbers where they should be. Ain't that depressing???? But we still have to try. Do avocado's raise your blood sugar or cholesterol? I hope not!

Laura - thanks for contacting Annie. I forgot you said the Jazzersize classes were a bit farther away from you. Bummer. You still have the Body Electric to fall back on. If you get Gravity - get the one with extended scenes - they said that was about the making of the movie which was pretty interesting but then again... others compared it to a behind the scenes of a magic trick - when you know how it works, it takes the fun out of it. The cinematography was amazing.

Hi Terra

Yesterday's event was very nice. The food was good - we had lots of things. I made my world famous strawberry spinach salad and DH decided to make a penne with an arribiata (spicy) sauce he noticed on the back of a pasta box. The president of the Humane Society really believes in the need for thank you's so each person who was given an award was also spoke of kindly as to their contribution(s). They had a nice slide show too of adoptions and animals who were serviced. It was 3 hours and we enjoyed it.

Now I need to flip a load into the dryer because I have physical therapy today and don't have any stretchy pants clean to wear. Off I go. Have a good day everyone.
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