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Good morning ladies,

I have a busy month ahead. Now that we've moved the website to a new host, I keep finding more issues with it, and it's supposed to launch in 4 weeks. Well, better busy at work than bored.

Santa's paw is taking a long time to get better. He didn't eat at all yesterday. I think it might be the pain. My heart breaks for the little guy. I'm going to make a vet appointment for after work if I can.

I went to the gym yesterday and did 1/2 hour on the bike and 20 minutes of strength training. At lunchtime today, I have a physical therapy appointment for my back.

I heard from my doc yesterday increase in the diabetes meds. Her orders are for healthy diabetes-friendly eating and exercising at least 4-5 days per week, with a re-check in 3 months.

Shad - I loved the comments about the documents you're going through...closing the message widow; Lick the Enter key. You've got great material for a stand-up comedy routine there! You're right about my diabetes. I do not want to get neuropathy, blindness or any of the other horrible complications. The doc says my HA1C is still in the "well controlled diabetes" range, but my goal is to reverse this diabetes and be off all my diabetes meds. My doc at Stanford said if I lose 40-50 lbs, that's definitely a possibility.

Happy - I liked your post. There are some things I like about being older...but if I could just have the wisdom I have now with body I had when I was in my early 20s (120lbs and no back issues), that would be perfect.

Annie - I'm so sorry to hear you were termed. Does that mean no severance or insurance options? If not, then file for unemployment RIGHT AWAY. I know you're depressed and probably don't feel like doing much...but that's important. If you need/want to take a week or so before diving into the job hunt, then do so...but sign up for unemployment. Remember, your being terminated is NOT a reflection on had to do with the restructure. So sorry to hear about your DIL's miscarriage. Though you're right, at least this means they can get pregnant. I'm wondering if you should ask your doc about increasing your anti-depressants during this tough time. My doc increased my dosage when my parents were battling Stage 4 cancer. You will get through this, and so will your family. Please continue to check in with us...don't wait for a "better mood". We're all here for each other in good times and difficult ones. Sending you much love, many hugs and and keeping you and your family in my prayers.

Gotta get back to work.

Love and hugs to all,

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"You don't drown by falling in the water; you drown by staying there." ~ Edwin Louis Cole

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My Mini Goals:
1) Consume less than 120 grams of carbs, 30 grams of sugar and 1,100 net calories (factoring in exercise) 2) Exercise 6 days per week at least 45 minutes per day
3) Follow the Bariatric surgery eating plan
4) Make the most of each moment
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