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Good morning all. Still cold with snow and some ice on the ground. Jack didn't have problems getting to work though, which relieved my mind. We are supposed to get up into the 60's by the weekend, which will be nice. I am hoping after tomorrow that we will start getting into spring temps.

I have my second dr appt Thursday. I have some pain on the breast, so want to discuss it with her. It is a soreness more than pain in non incision areas so want to make sure it is part of the healing ie manipulating the breast and taking out tissue and such the breast is still recovering from that.

I am officially down to 1 metformin and 20 insulin units, which means little by little I am getting back to normal. I started at 100 mg metformin and have cut that in half and 30 units insulin and down by 10 which is quite a bit. My blood sugar stays in normal range so we will just continue to monitor it. I just have to get the weight off and I believe I can then just drop the stuff all together if not before then.

I sat and balanced the checkbook this morning, wrote two letters to two doctor's offices for insurance then haven't done right. Sheesh if they don't have someone in billing that knows Tricare then don't take Tricare. I have to keep doing this. For one, it is my clinic and the referral nurse was supposed to fix this, but I got a second notice overdue so I am taking care of it myself but writing a letter and sending my referrals directly to the billing so they can resubmit if they want payment. I am not paying for this. I paid my copay and that is all that is required from my clinic for office visits. The problem was the clinic tends to not submit referrals for office visits with other doctors in the practice that is not your primary care doctor, so when I saw the gyn and saw the pharmacy dr, they didn't request a referral so Tricare wouldn't pay. The gal that does the referrals did get it backdated for Tricare so they will pay when UT Medical resubmits the bill. I then got a bill for my EKG for the hospital for $45. They had me billed under Tricare for Life which is the Medicare supplement and I am guessing billed under my ss# too. I told them to fix it! I am not paying for it as I pay premiums and copays and Tricare for Life is an 80/20% thing with no premiums so my part would have been $45 if I was on Medicare. How the heck they could bill under Tricare for Life when I don't have Medicare is anybody's business, but who knows?

I am also knitting and cleaning house at the same time. I sent my purple dress back because it was mid calf length and I wanted floor length, it was heavier than the slinky material they said it was, which it would have been way to hot for tropical even with AC and the square neckline was way too wide for my shoulders as it showed my bra on both sides. I went with a metallic silver dress, floor length, sleeveless and rounded neckline. This is what all my other dresses are from them so they will be ok. It was the same price though I lose my $5 I paid to have a square neckline on the first one, but that is ok. They have to try and resell it that way. I wanted purple, but the only other purple dresses were a velvet one, another one that was a heavy fabric or a very cute purple chevron dress, but the chevrons were more lavender than purple and I needed a darker purple to go with my wrap so I went with all gray. I now have to find a nice necklace and earrings to go with it.

Jean: Hope you have a safe trip home today. I know you probably are at the airport about now. I don't know what home at your house will be like though, but I imagine it will be cold as it is in the teens here today. I remember when the Oscars were an hour long and they just did the main winners not all the "little guys" so to speak. They didn't have all the production stuff either or the stupid stand up comedy garbage. Like you, I only knew a few of the people anyway. Half the time I have no clue who the actors of today are. They put out so much crap I don't watch on tv or go to the movies. I am not going to pay money to see a movie that for all intensive purposes is just propaganda about world issues. I go to enjoy myself, not to come out of the theater feeling worse than when I went in so we don't go very often. I hate horror stuff and it seems like the "evil" movies abound anymore too. The last horror movie I was was probably "Silence of the Lambs" and that scared me half to death!

Talk to everyone tomorrow. I am back to cleaning. Think I will do dusting as I hate to do it and usually leave it until last. Faye
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