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Originally Posted by Steelslady View Post
Funny you should mention about throwing away clothes. Two weeks ago, hubby and I cleaned out three closets full of our family's old clothes and linens. We donated five bags of clothes, and threw away around five bags of clothes and linens that wouldn't have been any use to anyone, holes, tears, stains in them. Talk about liberating!!!!!!! It felt so good to get rid of them all, and to organize our closets with bins for the linens, summer clothes, kids old clothes that him and I were too sentimental to throw out, etc.

I have a bin of clothes ready for me to fit into as I start losing this weight. I have another 20 pounds to go before some of them will fit, so they're ready and waiting. Otherwise, I got rid of so much clothes that I wasn't using, out of style, etc. Now, our bedroom closet is clean and organized- what a difference, cleaning out clutter makes, in your attitude towards life! I plan on doing some more spring cleaning this weekend, getting rid of more junk around the house that we're not using and organizing things.

One of my old friends used to throw anything out she hadn't used or worn for six months (accept for bathing suits, shorts, seasonal items). I use to marvel at how clean and organized her home was, and although I hate clutter myself, I still need to learn to let go of things sooner than I do. As one Chinese person said to me- "cluttered house, cluttered mind". He told me the more clutter hanging around the house, the more energy you lose and your bound to get depressed from looking at it. So, go ahead and get rid of what you don't need- that's they key word, "need". You'll feel better!
I truly believe that when the house is cluttered my mind is cluttered. In fact when I'm feeling confused or overwhelmed the first thing I do is start cleaning. I even have different levels of cleaning, as my husband describes.

Level 1 - tidying up, making the beds, watering the plants, putting the toys away (excellent for setting up a relaxing atmosphere and tending to a headache)

Level 2 - Cleaning dishes, doing laundry, dissinfecting the bathrooms, clearing fridge of old food, scrubbing tabletops and counters (keeps stress away)

Level 3 - Mopping, dissinfecting all door handles and light switches, cleaning the windows, washing the curtains, all throw pillows go into the washing machine (stress is here, I'm trying to get rid of it)

Level 4 - Clearing out closets, organizing closets, organizing kitchen cabinets, throwing away old things, vacuuming the ceiling corners, pulling out appliances to clean behind them. (all **** is broken loose hehe)

"If you pay attention to when you are hungry, what your body wants, what you are eating, when you've had enough, you end the obsession because obsession and awareness cannot coexist." - Geneen Roth
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