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Since I'm about to go to bed and know I won't be eating anymore I thought I might as well post my eating stats. It's easier than having to go back in MFP and doing it tomorrow when there is other stuff I should be doing.

First, we spent our day at home as the tree guys came early and were here most of the day. They ended up not only taking down a very big tree but also a part of another tree. Dh and our son had planned to that do one but they offered to do it for only $25 so we agreed. They also trimmed a couple other trees. They are good workers and it is hard, dangerous work, so we try to always give them a good tip.

I got all my housework done so it was good to be home to do that.

Now about my eating. I did good ..three meals and one snack. Tonight I decided to have a small snack just to see how my bs would be in the morning. It might be that I need a little bit. If it is no better, I'll not do it again. I do think I sleep better when I don't eat in the evening. Perhaps because of my GERD although I'm not aware of that. I also ate the other 1/2 of the lasagna I had at the restaurant yesterday for lunch.

Today's stats:
Cals - 1288
Carbs - 130
Fat - 62 H
Fiber - 27
Sodium - 2192

Rosey - I bet your gd really loves her grandma! Gotta love those leftovers too!

Lucinda - Glad you liked the website with the exercises and cauliflower recipe. I planned to start doing the exercises but forgot today. Was a good time for it too as I got my housework done early and didn't even have to cook tonight as dh ate leftovers and I had a frozen entree. Wow, those boots sound pretty cool! A nice reward for you and you've earned it! I tried a pair on like that once but wasn't sure I could walk in them. I have only wore flats for about 16 years now.

3beachgirls - I hate shopping for clothes too. I try ordering online (in fact I did today) but often they don't fit and I end up sending them back. The ones I ordered today I can take back to a local store though. But I can get very depressed looking in those mirrors and not being able to find anything to fit around my middle! Sure hop that changes soon and I am very sick of my big belly!!

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