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Wannabe first off I think the end of a long winter in New York is enough to invoke sadness in the best of us...but seriously I think there are dips in feeling positive feelings in most cases including diet plateaus or whatever. I call this the patience issue for me, it's the knowledge that I'm doing the right thing but all the good results have just not had time to shine through and catch up. I try to think about how it would be to repeat the behavior over a year or several years and how great it would be.

You might look into the online forum for the a Intuitive Eating book published by Trobole and Resch. I can't post links but it is intuitiveeatingcommunity .org. At least there it is all about what you are trying to do. It isn't hugely active, but there are posts everyday and some great inspirational reading.

I also find for me it helps to reread the intuitive eating book and remember why I'm doing it. You are early on and just finished the reading or maybe still reading other books so this might not help at this point.

And the other thought that has helped me so much is treating my mind through yoga. Maybe this isn't your thing, but I find that taking care of myself and making me calm has helped me so much to then take care of my body. Sounds crazy and I wasn't ready for it at all when I was younger so I totally appreciate if this rings no bells for you now.
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