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Good Evening! Trying to pack and wondering where all this stuff came from! Bob bought a hand held scale to weigh our luggage and he's 7#s over. We bought t-shirts for everyone and the store shipped those home for us. Mine isn't ready so . . . . . .

We had another good whale watch to end our stay here. We've gotten to know the captains and naturalists so they recognize us. Denny is 6' 6" so kind of stands out in a crowd.

"Gma" -- Sorry about your weather. It wasn't all that warm here today, I wore my jacket out on the boat and glad I had it along. The sun has been in and out. I didn't actually watch the Oscars as I was on my iPad. I'm not a big movie buff so know very few of the actors and actresses. We have seen a few "no bra" OLD ladies over here, NOT pretty!

We are having a leftover supper so need to help put it out. Hope you all have a terrific Tuesday. We have to be out of here by 11 so I may not check in until I get home.

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