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Long time lurker here too! This section of 3FC has been a god send in the last couple of months and really was the reason why I decided to see my family doctor about the issues I was having with depression. I couldn't figure out why I just wanted to climb into bed every night and couldn't stop eating all night... This section and the binge eating section have been good for me. I started taking wellbutrin a few weeks ago and that has helped a LOT. I do feel like it is still a bit of a struggle (some days I definitely feel low still) but I have had a bit more motivation to work out and my need to binge late at night has completely disappeared (I used to just eat through my cupboards, I wasn't keeping junk food in the house but it didn't matter, anything that appealed, peanut butter, fruit, nuts etc. - for the record I consider compulsively eating food quickly and always needing more even when not hungry binge eating). It just feels like I have some more willpower, or I've been able to identify some triggers and stop things before I get derailed.

So far my triggers are:
-Facebook and seeing pictures of acquaintances who have lost weight (why can't I, I suck etc., might as well eat)
-Relationships.. For some reason sometimes when I'm seeing a boyfriend or a good guy friend that I have feelings for and I'm feeling a bit inadequate or insecure
-My mother and conversations about food with my mother
-Stress at work/school/exams; procrastinating

I have a lot of things that make me eat. I have trouble finding productive things to do that I enjoy instead of eating. The depression was/is a big factor too... I've never felt more awful and worthless than realizing that I can barely function, that basic life stuff is just not getting done because I have no motivation to do anything. Feeling lazy etc. I'm still working on that. I have more motivation to take care of myself though, to be sure.

I hope you feel more welcomed now, Grey!
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