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Afternoon all.
We had it all as far as weather goes yesterday, bright blue skies and sunshine, biting cold northerly wind, clouded over and got rain, then got thunder and to top it off a brilliant sunset. Have to wait till I get home to get the photo up here.

Seems like Friday was the end of summer (last day of Feb is end of summer here) and then we have unsettled, cool stuff coming in. Need to go home for a dose of heat again.

I am up before the sun because the days are getting shorter. Where we used to have daylight at 0500, it is not now daylight until after 0600 and I leave home at 0630 to start work at 0645. Yes I do leave in daylight still. I try to get out of here around 1630-1700. I go home, put my feet up for half an hour or so an then get up and either do some housework or some exercise while deliberating about what to have for dinner. Tonight it will be Thai green curry pumpkin soup. Simple, easy to prepare, have some left over for tomorrows lunch etc.etc.etc.

Laura - did I see right on Linkedin that you have a new title - same job place (new job????) Congratulations if this was so.

Michelle - you really need to come to terms with the diabetes before it gets too much of a hold. I guess diet and exercise are the only way to get around it. Keep going you'll get there.

Ceejay - 1.5 years I think you meant to retirement. Good luck with that. We just heard that the Aus government has raised the retirement age from 67 to 69 - not that that will stop me if I decide to go. It just means I can't access a pension for a while longer. I can still draw my superannuation I think.

Terra - that's a lot to gain back. Could be fluid or hormones or something. Get walking faster!!!

Happy - grilled fish sandwich - sounds okay too. No, I didn't get to the light show. On account of the weather - see above. Doesn't look to promising tonight either.

Annie - sad and depressed is one thing. Coming here to have a laugh with us might help to cheer you up. Not long now until the babe gets here.

So here I am at work and going through some documents and I find a couple of mistakes. They give me the giggles.

1. 'Click X to close the message widow' - Message widow?!!!!! Is this something that happens when you shoot the messenger????
2. 'Lick the Enter key' - euwwwwwww - what. Come on now.

But's that's exactly what it said. See below. Come out very small, but you might be able to see what I am talking about.

Gotta go. Later dudes
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