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WOOHOO LILIANN!!!!!! You go, girl!!!!! That is phenomenal!

I finally ate today- made the family their dinner, with adjustments to mine. Actually, this is my "breakfast/lunch because I wasn't hungry earlier today- no sense in forcing myself to eat when I'm not hungry (boy, THAT'S a switch).


1 large carrot, raw 2 grams
1/3 large cucumber, skin on
huge salad with lettuce, 1/4 red pepper, cut up Swiss cheese, cranberries, olives, garlic and butter croutons, and Fat Free Catalina dressing 2 grams
3 BBQ chicken drumsticks
Spring Vegetables,steamed in microwave 2 grams
1 cup Greek plain yogurt with 4 tbsp of Polaner Strawberry high fiber preserves 12 grams
1 serving of Okra chips- 6 grams

about 25 grams for breakfast/lunch


2 high fiber english muffins with ham and cheese and light mayo- 16 grams
1 serving Kashi southwest BBQ Black Bean chips- 4 grams
4 High Fiber cookies 15.2 grams
glass of milk

total dinner- 35.2
total for the day- 60.2

- shared some of the spring veggies (Green Giant steamables- they're ok, I guess) with hubby, trying to get rid of some stuff out of the pantry/freezer, so these were a side for me today.

I saw someone post on here somewhere that they eat Greek yogurt with preserves, so I decided to try it with the Polaner strawberry- it needed four tablespoons for me, but I have to say, it is absolutely DELICIOUS! I love it this way instead of adding just fruit to it- so good!

I'll edit this post later on after I eat my dinner, which will be much later tonight, as I am full.

Exercise- will add later when I figure out what I want to do tonight

The Wendie Plan in Calories:

starting over 3/19/16
first ten pounds lost achieved: April 3, 2016

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