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Originally Posted by Deelou View Post
I am very interested in the online WW. So any input from someone who has dealt with "hard to lose because of thyroid" issues would be appreciated!
Hi Deelou,

I was diagnosed with "hypothyroidism" in July 2013. My doctor put me on levothyroixine 25 mcg and at my doctor's visit I weighed 209.8 lbs. She told me I needed to exercise and lose weight for my health. I went back to see her a month later and had lost 12 lbs, down to 197.8 at that time I was having issues with my medication, it made my skin very itchy. She switched me to Synthroid 25 mcg and I took it until January 2014 when my thyroid was back to normal ranges. I had done WW in 2009 and had all my materials with Points Plus so I was using them for my eating and walking and doing work out DVDS for exercise. I restarted WW meetings on 9/14/13(193.2 at WW Center) and just received my 25 lb award last week even tho I have lost a total of 42.8 since 7/30/13. It has been hard but the more weight I lost the better I felt. I would use my daily points and only use my 49 weekly points on the weekends, sometimes I would hardly touch them and I never use my activity points. I was losing steadily and some weeks I wouldn't lose at all but I would maintain. Now that I am within 15 lbs of my goal it is getting harder to lose but my body feels good and my thyroid is now in check. WW is what I will do for the rest of my life. You can have success with WW 360, Points Plus is the way to go in my opinion. Good luck and let me know if I can help you.
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