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Hiya Fiber buddies...

Here is what I had so far today..I notice when am home, my fiber count is high and when am busy, its low. Today is not so busy, and aiming high.

2 wheat bagels...14
4 tbsp peanut butter...4
4 tbsp Polner strawberry jam w fiber...12
3 snack size choco pudding..0

1 wheat bagel...7
2 tbsp reg mayo...0
1/2c ,chopped onion...1
4 oz.canned tuna...0

5 c. air popcorn...5

Total Fiber so far...43

Not sure what I will have for dinner..Maybe a repeat that I had for lunch..and snack on air popcorn.,,, and water...Later...

Plan: Calorie Counting at MFP..(L4Liliann12)
Weigh in: 1st and 15th of the month!!
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