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Well pooh. The light office got to go home today at noon, And guess who is answering the phone. Me. Then the water sewer guys went home at 2.30 p.m. Not sure if the electric crew came in today. The worked till the wee hours of the morning. The phone hasn't been that bad though so I shouldn't complain.
We got a bunch of freezing rain and sleet and a bit of snow. Looks to be about 6 inches and that's a bunch for us. My boss was good enough to come get me last night at work and then this morning. If I had my key's I could probably drive home tonight but I walked out the door with out them. I do have a spare house key in my billfold.
The sunshine is melting the ice even though the temperatures are in the low 20's. One of the outside doors is still frozen. We can't get to the lime room.
I texted my sis in MO and watched part of the Oscars. Then went to bed at 9.30 p.m. I enjoyed Ellen as host also. Hope your doctor lets you try the exercise to see if the HA1C will come down.

I'm looking forward to my retirement. Sure wish it could be sooner than later. You are doing great with the walking.

Lucky you in getting a message. I'm going to find out where to get one around here. May have to go to Paragould or Jonesboro. Thanks for checking on Annie.

I'm not much of a fish person. Brrr on the temps ya'll are having. It was 14 when my boss brought me to work.

Hi Susie and Annie
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