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S/C/G: Going from chubby to not


Amandie- The PB was good and filling for me. I think I'll make it as a sandwich for work once or twice a week. I have never tried the PB2 but heard great things about it. I like PB, but I don't "love" it, it's not a trigger food. My friend can sit there and eat the whole jar. Not me, 2 tablespoons are enough, and I'm happy.
Have you tried the PB2 with chocolate? I saw it listed. I will order the PB2 next time I make an order, just to have it in the house. It seems, interesting source of protein, good for shakes.

Tonight I'm going out to dinner with the girls to celebrate a couple of birthdays. I always get a little anxious because I'm afraid I'm going to blow it and go backwards. But this celebration was already postponed once or twice because of the snow. Going to look at the menu now to choose what I'll order. Everything in the place is good, that's the problem. haha

My goal for 2014 is Fifty Pounds in Fifty Weeks began Christmas 2013
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