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Lynn - I've only been on this plan about 10 days now, but so far it's helping me. I'm sleeping better, I'm getting better bs, and have lost a few pounds. Plus it's a plan that makes sense to me. I am so done with dieting! I hope this works for me because I like that I can eat what I want as long as I follow the few rules. That's what I needed...good food with boundaries. I long for control and so far this gives it to me. Food selection is important and I'm sure when I eat out I'll get higher calories but that's not daily and even there I use my own judgement...I don't have to restrict myself to salad as long as I keep to the 1-1-1 idea. Except for yesterday I have done ok even when eating out. It is very easy. It has always been my opinion that no food should be off limits, but everything should be eaten in moderation and joy. Moderation has always been my problem.

ETA: Even though I got higher calories than I wanted at the restaurant, I only ate 1/2 of what was on the plate. I ate lots of salad (free) and no breadsticks or even the tiny mint because the Lasagna was my carb, protein and fat. And I was plenty full when I left. I think most of us can look at a plate and know whether it's really too much to be healthy or not. This eating plan puts eating back in our own control.

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