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Healthy Lifestyle Changes
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Happy Monday Coaches!

My day started really stinky, literally! Oldest tried cooking eggs on high and blackend them, then I reached into the grapefruit bag and one had spoiled and "melted" all over the others, getting moldy juice everywhere. Thankfully the weather is nice enough to open all the windows and air out the house. Now eggs are boiled and ds won't be tempted to repeat his quick cook experiment, bread is in the breadmaker, and dinner is the day is looking better.

Made fish tacos for lunch since I had more tortillas still and food plan is looking good for today - OP
Walked pup 2x already and I need to do my DVD but am not feeling motivated, maybe in an hour when I'm not still full from lunch. (Update: did my DVD even though I did not want too & stretched my bad shoulder) - exercise OP+

Teddy has a new game, steal my slippers, so I had a bit of extra exercise chasing him today!

bethFromDayton If you don't give up, you will reach your goal.! Hope you are able to be OP during the stressful dinner prep. I could not be doing Beck effectively if I had not recently taken a class "Healing Journey" that helped me identify where I was behaving like a victim of my circumstances and not realizing that everything I did was really a choice where I mostly chose to treat myself badly. I am now choosing differently, but it is difficult to break years of self destructive behavior.

ladym0208 Hurray for OP. I'm so sorry about your cook. Have you tried telling them that you adore their cooking, but you are watching what you eat and that their comments are making you uncomfortable? Sometimes people just need to be told to cut it out!

seadwaters Hurray for OP! I've never had fish for breakfast, I guess that is an American, but not fish! Hope your chips go well.

BillBlueEyes Hurray for your continued streak and great snack resistance. Great job your two walks. Thanks for the Day 13 post, I have noticed that to be true! Yeah for reduced cravings (one of my ARC's).

onebyone Kudos for ticker down and your great decluttering efforts! Credit for OP!

Yum for popcorn, it really is a great snack and high in fiber!

maryann Great job on you 99% it is so hard to form new habits when it means breaking old ones and your persistence is encouraging! Love your new streak

FutureFitChick Great job managing with no choice! Kudos for bouncing back when work didn't meet your expectations.
Tricia in AZ
Weight loss Plan: Track food in Diet Power, Exercise Plan: walk dog + TTapp DVD 3X/wk

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