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Lilliann, thank you for the welcome. It looks like you had a nice high fiber day yesterday.

Steelslady, Congratulations on your 20 lb. weight loss. That's fantastic. Did you lose all of it by counting fiber? I live right outside of Concord and that's the same Walmart where I shop. What a small world. I'll have to check out the apricot jam the next time I'm there. The Market Basket where I shop is on Ft Eddy Rd. and it's a zoo in there. I like the MB in Hooksett better than the one where we shop. I mostly use Shaw's as a convenience store as it's closer to where I live. We eat "When Pigs Fly" bread and Shaw's carries more of it.

For breakfast I had
1 slice low carb toast 2g.
peanut butter

1 c. Progresso Black Bean Soup 12g.
6 Triscuits 3g.
2 slices cracker cut cheese

Supper will be chicken and whatever frozen veggies I have on hand and maybe rice.
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