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Hello all, Found it!
Kathleen! Way to GO! Finally seeing the results you deserve is so gratifying, and I am so happy for you.

Fi, I am so glad to hear that the relationship with your niece seems to be a positive thing for both you and Bob. I agree about taking it slow with Robine, but snail mail should facilitate that. I am glad to hear you doing so well

Holly, You can do it!! I am also having trouble staying with my program right now. Thinking about you and sending strong thoughts!

I am doing ok now, I still feel physically depressed though my state of mind is doing better. Diet and exercise have been off since we got back from the hospital(2 weeks, ridiculous!), and I am just starting to feel any type of motivation to exercise or stop eating cookies and fancy cheese.

Sorry to vent but I work with a girl who is dumb. She lacks critical thinking skills!!! She is sweet and has a beautiful heart and I love her outside of work but she drives me crazy. It's not that I am being too hard on her, I have heard the same complaints from others. I feel bad and at the same time so irritated! I can't even leave the office for a day without her having some kind of emergency that should just not be a big deal. It puts a lot of pressure on me that doesn't really need to be there, as if my own brain isn't doing enough to me already ;p

Anywho, on a nice note I added a chicken and a beautiful young rooster to my family today, and they are so cute! Can't wait for duckies, and for goslings! I have been thinking about starting a blog, but generally am not motivated to write much. I guess a lot of it could be pictures? Anybody here blog who has thoughts on how to make it work?

Thanks to everyone,
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