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Morning everyone! it's an overcast day here and dripping but not too bad. We have men here to cut down a big tree, part of another tree, and to lop off some branches of a couple others. So once again we are not getting to the gym...I could go by myself of course, but I'm lazy.

I got too many calories yesterday with eating out and having a hamburger again last night. I also had a child-size cone while shopping. I forgot to break off 1/2 the cone like I did last time, but otherwise I still stuck to the 1-1-1 rules even though I didn't make all my personal goals.

Yesterday's stats:
Cals 1894 H
Carbs 145
Fat 101 H !!
Fiber 36

Karen3 - Glad you are popping in to say hello. Is it getting any easier?

Glynne - Glad you got some rest.

Lynn - 1-1-1 is a plan where you eat 1 protein, 1 carb and 1 fat each meal and snack. You cannot eat in the evenings. It's 3 meals + 2 snacks but so far I don't often get snacks because of my bs. They are getting better though. You don't have to count anything else even though I do because I'm curious and also because of being diabetic. You can eat as much as you want up to the one serving at a meal. In some ways I'm actually eating more because I was only eating 1/3 c of rice at dinner and now I'm eating 1 cup!! That fills me up for the long evening without anything to eat. The book tells you how much is allowed as a serving. You get to choose what you want to spend that 1-1-1 on...healthy food or not so healthy. Like with a lot (most!) of desserts, that's your 1-1-1 right there. But you don't have to give up don't have to eat "diet" food unless you really like it, you can eat anything you want, just use common sense if it's a huge plate. Today was my first time to have high calorie. We ate at Olive Garden and I usually eat soup/salad, but this time I ordered the lasagna for my 1-1-1 and only ate 1/2 but it is so high in calories. But that is not a usual meal for me. The only other rule is that with snacks ..the protein and grains must 1/2 the usual serving for a meal, carb and fat stays the same. The book explains it better but that's about it.

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