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Morning all,

Last one out, first one in I see.

Today is the Humane Society shindig. I am still trying to figure out what to make. Will head off to the grocery store in a bit to check out prices on a couple of things. I'm going to wait until it warms up to at least zero before I head out. Going to be a busy week - something going on every single day this week.

Did go meet the cousins for a burger and a couple of drinks. I had a walleye (fish) sandwich - grilled. Found the only thing that wasn't deep fried in the place It was nice to get out for a bit. Lots of snowmobilers out even though it was very cold out.

Looks like a lot of you are caught up in the winter storms that are tearing across the country. Be safe, especially those of you dealing with the icing. I'd rather have 2 feet of snow than a half inch of ice.

Susie - sounds like DH might benefit from that sleep study - that's good news. Sometimes they have to tweek the mask a bit to find one that he feels comfortable with - just be aware of that. Glad you had fun with the kids. Eeeee gads - you get up at 5:30???? Bad enough getting up early but that time of the (night) in the winter when it's cold and dark - aarrrghh.
As to your question about transitioning threads - we just include / imbed a link in the last post where you can click on over to the new post.

Annie - where are you??????????????

Terra - when I was checking out the weather today I thought I saw that it's really, really cold out your way. Are you getting bad weather too? I guess that would be good that you have inside walking to do while shopping.

Laura - geez it looks like you got snow on Saturday and more to come??? I guess the difference is that you guys are getting more snow but you have the breaks in between to allow it to melt. My sister said grass was even starting to peek out (just barely) from the edge of the sidewalk. Oh boy - the pool and Jacuzzi at the gym would be enough incentive to get me to the gym. So did you make a decision on the Jazzercise classes? Sounds like a fun activity.

Michelle - that's nice of you to look after B's cats while he's in the hospital. It's nice to have that peace of mind on at least one thing while everything else is swirling around in your head. Hope he is doing ok with his treatments. Sounds like D is very busy too. How's the weather out by you?

Ceejay - I am hoping for safe travels for you today. I see it's pretty messy down that way. I'd be hiding under the bed. I agree that there is a beauty in the ice covered branches twinkling like diamonds but the power outages and slip and sliding are so not worth it. Be careful Missy!!!

Shad - I see you also have those unique family terms and sayings. Did you made it down to the Botanical Gardens for that light show?

Well time is flying by, better get off my duff and get to the store before it's time to head out the door and I'll be empty handed. Have a good day everyone.
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