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Everyone has their ups and downs. Nothing to really worry about. Just get back on plan and go on.

My roast turned out really good. I did go to the store and get the parsnips and turnips. I put them in the cooker too soon and they got too mushy, but I ate some anyway. They are higher carb than I should be eating but they do have fiber. I have developed a taste for them and usually chop them up for my vegetable soup. This is the first time I made them with a roast, so next time I will add them just for the last 5 minutes.

Today I'm going to cook some hot sausage. I saw sausage buns in the grocery store yesterday but I decided we didn't need to eat it on a bun. On a plate will be just fine. DH will get some french fries with his and I don't know what I will have. Maybe some sauteed pepper slices.

We usually eat out a lot so we can each order what we like, but I'm trying to cook more at home to save money. Even if we choose the cheapest restaurant in town we're well over $20 by the time we leave a tip.

OK Girls, let's see what we can do in March! Ready, Set, GO!!
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