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Good morning coaches,

Yesterday was a good OP day, despite facing the ongoing challenge with our cook. It is quite difficult as it feel like I am being monitored constantly in terms of what I eat, pretty much every meal at the dinner table there is a comment about what I am eating, how much or how little, I'm being told I don't eat or that children eat more than I do. I know that what I am eating is enough as I am using portion control. I find it quite tough as it brings me back to childhood days when I was quite a fussy eater and also when I started to get comments about my weight. I know that there is no harm intended but it really isn't nice having your boundaries crossed repeatedly in this way and over an issue I am already quite sensitive about. Still the only thing I can do is say "oh well" and remember that I can still choose to stay focussed.

My credits for yesterday:

- Staying on plan even though I was being pushed to eat more
- Staying in control of my portions by sharing with someone else
- Having the strength to continually say NO

bethFromDayton Welcome back and I hope you'll get back on track. Good plan for getting yourself back into it.
AZtricia Hope you enjoyed your walk
CeeJay Well done for being 100% OP and also for having all your health food ready to take with you
gardenerjoy Good luck with your new streak
nationalparker I am so sorry to hear about your Dad
maryann Hope you get that 100% victory...cheering you on!!
BillBlueEyesWell done for trying the new class, Variety is always a good thing

Happy Monday everyone x
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