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We have ice and we have snow but it's less than they predicted. I hope things are in good shape in the morning but I know the commute will be slow.

DH said that he feels like he got a deeper sleep last night. Next week we will know what sort of CPAT machine they recommend for him and we will then get it.

I had a GREAT time with my nephews. They make me laugh and some time with them was what I needed to really relax for a bit.

Happy-thanks for posting the new thread to the old one. I didn't realize we did that. Do you just copy and paste it?

Did you go have a glass of wine with the cousins? I think it sounds like a good idea

Are you feeling better? I didn't really have much of a cough with the flu I had, it was more of a stomach bug or something for me.

Shad: I didn't come up with the title for March--I think that Michelle or CJ posted it,

You have so many cool things going on around you. The light show is something right up my alley.

Ceejay:Hang in there retirement is right around the corner.

Michelle: You did great with going ahead and getting a workout in even if it wasn't the one that you had planned.

Also, it is so nice of you to help your friend out. You are a great source of friendship and practical help to him during this time.

Terra: It sounds like you have a busy week. I find it hard to get work outs in when things are busy for me..and that seems like every day now. Shad had good advice to us.

Laura, I have never done Jazzercise but I think it would be fun--like dancing right?

Annie...we are missing you.

I am headed to bed now. 5:30 a.m. comes early
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