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Originally Posted by mars735 View Post
Infoplease: Wow this is great stuff. Are you sure you aren't a coach--you certainly would be a great one. Thank-you so much for the wonderful substitution suggestions, too. I think I'll try your advice re phasing off rather than cold turkey. I don't think I'll miss it all that much in time. I gotta laugh at myself, formerly such a purist about avoiding artificial anything and now hooked. My signature should be Better living through chemistry!
Thank you!
Better living thru chemistry! That one takes me back to college in the mid 70s. This kid in class had this shirt he would wear to math class. I kept taking it literally -- like better living thru that Chem 101 class than ending it all by jumping off the Math building. Well, it was actually an ad for some drug (I don't exactly recall which one, but definitely one being abused at the time). When you wrote that, I thought of the little round pill guy, smiling and waving (kind of like the speedy alka-seltzer guy).

I think I have maybe 3 chocolate drink mix packets left and I'm done. They've changed the formula and they taste gross -- chemically and not very chocolatey, plus they give me a stomach ache.

So I am looking forward to being off the sucralose, too.
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