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I think some things with stevia or xylitol would be ok, but the study interpretation hints that stevia could also be a problem depending on amount:
"Being ~300x sweeter than sucrose stevia would by the way be somewhere between acesulfame K and saccharin Na and there is no reason to assume it would not have the same effects, only because it is "natural". I fact the observation Anton et al. made in a 2010 study, where the preingestion of stevia yielded a greater initial glucose spike and a correspondingly higher increase in 30min post-prandial insulin levels than aspartame (~37%) (Anton. 2010). These results clearly suggest that stevia is probably no exception to the rule (it could yet also be that aspartame is an exception to the rule, cf. "Aspartame's Anti-Insulinogenic Effects During a Workout"; read more) - unfortunately the differences in the study design don't allow for a direct comparison of the Anton and the Pepino study."
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