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Originally Posted by eandc2006 View Post
Mars funny you bring this up. I too have a fat deposition on my lower abdomen that I never noticed prior to ip even when I was at my thinest several years ago. In all fairness I was younger so perhaps that's it. Something to think about for sure.
Actually my fat has crept on since P4. I really had a contoured body after phasing off, well, overlooking some loose skin of course! In my case, it may also be lack of exercise. I've read that insulin spikes can cause abdominal fat deposition, so it's worth looking at spacing out the carbs if you aren't doing the official P4 separation of fats and carbs.

I'm reluctantly parting with the last of the Mio (how many times have I vowed to do this). Already tossed the lurid red WF ketchup and am trying to part with a half-finished bottle of BBQ sauce, Balsamic, and Apple Butter--no IP mock apple pie for me. BTW, I just took a taste and it's delicious! Guess I don't have to feel guilty about throwing away food since none of this has any nutrients, lol!

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