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Hi everyone,

I've been MIA for a while--I didn't do any checking in--or card reading--while in FL this past week. I binged pretty much the whole time I was gone. It's amazing to me sometimes that I can eat that much--that I even want to eat so many sweets and so much junk.

I am not looking forward to stepping on the scale tomorrow morning but it's something I have to do as part of getting myself back on track. I know that the trip was more fun at this size than it would have been 50 lbs ago--the smaller weight makes stairs easier--and I took the stairs instead of the elevator pretty much all of the time I wasn't carrying a suitcase.

I'm feeling overwhelmed with things I'm supposed to be doing--and I'm not quite sure how that has happened--I don't generally do stress--but things are really getting to me right now--and I'm going to be juggling a bunch of things for the next few weeks getting ready for our big party.

As hard as it is to get back into it, I'm going to return to planning each day the night before and entering it all into MFP. I also need to find time to read the pink book--re-reading Dr Beck's words really resonates with me and I need to do what works.

And part of back on track has to mean doing real check-ins and keeping up with people--the sense of community really makes a difference.

AZtricia: I love your picture with the pup!

CeeJay: It sounds like you have great goals for this coming week--and started it out with a 100% OP day! Credit!

gardenerjoy: I'll be watching your streak!

nationalparker: Stress is hard--and we've each got a lifetime of comforting ourselves with food. Can you plan some quick/easy things that would be OP so that it feels easy to make them when you're still stressed from work and your parents' health?

maryann: I'm totally impressed with the Open Leg Rocker! I hope that sitting and eating today went well.

BillBE: You are amazing--absolutely amazing--and an incredible inspiration.

onebyone: Credit for carrots over cookies and ice cream. I hate those want to eat eat eat days--how do we turn them off so they just go away?

seadwaters: 5000 steps on a "all day at the desk" day is still quite a bit of moving! Credit.

ladym0208: Looking forward to getting to know you--big credits for a successful buffet visit!

ForMyGirls: I hope however it works best for you this month relieves some of the stress.

Lexxiss: Congrats!

FutureFitChick: If you come up with some good responses to that one too many occasional snack items problem, please share...that is such a challenge.

Best to all. I'm going to plan tomorrow right now so it's done!
Goal: Back to where I was!
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