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Evening all. Just turned on the Oscars Red Carpet show, well in progress.

Michelle – Good for you doing the bike and weights. You’re right, I do enjoy the classes, I just haven’t gotten myself into a groove with them. I need to get some structure back into my evenings, including the classes. Good luck with your bloodwork results!!

Ceejay – Glad you found yourself a comforter for the new bed. It’ll be fun to shop for the accents. Maybe I’ll do that in our bedroom – buy a solid color, or very muted pattern comforter and then buy or make some nice lively throw pillow covers/shams. Gosh, the ice sounds awful. Sorry this weather’s gotten you so anxious. I hope you get through your workday and that tomorrow’s better. Be safe!! I sure hope your niece’s fiancÚ gets out of Russia without any problems tomorrow!

Susie – Thanks for getting us started on the new thread for March. Wow, you’re in for a lot of snow in your area! I just heard that the federal government already shut down offices on Monday. I’m sure you’re all set to work from home, warm and safe. Whoohoo on your weight loss this week!!! Great job Susie!! The flu might have helped you a bit this week, but definitely use this as a springboard to continue your progress. I think I’m finally ready to get back to business as far as weight loss goes. I’m going to use my upcoming annual physical exam next month as a motivation to get back on plan and show a loss from my last visit 6 months ago. I believe my strategy going forward will be to stick to a firm routine during the week and be a bit relaxed on the weekend. First thing has to be having my food all planned out!! Hope your hub’s sleep study went well and you enjoyed your time w/ your nephews.

Happy – I too hope March goes out like a lamb, or at least with some more seasonally normal temps. Coming into the month…we got several inches of snow yesterday, and now we’re getting chilly temps the next few days. I never have any expectations of March weather, but I do have hopes it starts to show signs of spring. Yes, the park district has a good number of classes, but I did join the gym that bf joined because they also have classes ((no, not nearly the variety) and I thought it was a bonus to have all the equipment, the pool and the Jacuzzi. I do still want to try and take advantage of all that…Did you get out for a drink with the cuz?

Shad – Sounds like a wonderful weekend you had. Thanks for the photos, yet again. Nice to be getting out and about on your weekends. My “out and about” has been mainly limited to dog walks, for which we have a new blanket of snow to refresh the old gray/black piles. Hope you get to the botanic gardens for the light show!! At work before the sun comes up, wow. Hope you leave the office before sundown!!

Terra – Sounds like a busy week coming up when you also factor in all the walks!

Annie - Where you at girlfriend?? We're here for you sister!!
Kept fairly busy this weekend. Did some icky cleaning jobs around the house, did a couple dogwalks, some laundry, balanced several month’s worth of bank statements to my checkbook (how does that get out of hand like that?)…but not my taxes.

My former Jazzercise instructor has offered me a year for $199 and I just might have talked myself into it. Even if I just went to classes on Saturday mornings, it would be worth it. I dunno.

Okay, gonna get this posted and watch the Oscars. Ellen Degeneres is a likable host. Jim Carrey’s up on stage right now, his face just makes me laugh, lololol.
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