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Originally Posted by infoplease View Post
Mars735: I know I am going to have to do the fun day more like you describe. My reluctance to go to that format kind of cements the fact that I need to do that.

I found this article that supports the idea that sucralose can definitely create sugar cravings:
The size of the study and it being on obese subjects doesn't mean it might not be applicable to your situation.

Sucralose definitely changes gut bacteria. I don't know the feedback loop or if there is one. The idea that sucralose tricks the "sweet" receptors in the tongue and the gut makes sense to me in that it's not the caloric impact of sucrolose that is the problem but the cravings that lead to eating more calories that is the problem.

It is a sticky problem (unintentional pun, there). Sugar definitely messes stuff up and we as humans are programmed to like the sweet taste, like fruit, which some how intensifies into a need for chocolate cake. Well, for me, anyway.

Very complex and fascinating stuff.
infoplease: OMG I am having an epiphany, thanks to the article you provided. Until reading that someone is looking at the issue, I've tried to fit my experience in to what I know about sugar vs sucralose. Ironically I never had much of a sweet tooth until coming off IP. It wasn't really IP but the Muscle Milk ultra-sweet shakes I relied on to get enough calories in P4 while on the run at work. Well, that and the IP vanilla shake in my coffee (NEVER drank sweetened coffee before IP).

On P1, thanks to Mio, I always had a mild, pleasantly sweet aftertaste that tricked me into subliminally thinking I had just eaten something sweet. I've also noticed something lately--although I'm still fitting my small clothes quite well and holding the line with weight goal, there is a little fat deposition on my abdomen, maybe linked to insulin? My typical diet is under 50g carbs, so I would not expect to see that. Sucralose?? Yaaaahhh!

I've been holding off on going sucralose-free until spring--mood issues. From this article and the gut effects you mentioned, it's time. (So glad I returned the Cytosport Whey powder 6 lb bag back to Costco this a.m.).

This is a long ramble but I hope there's something helpful for others re sucralose possibly fueling a sweet tooth.

Thanks again infoplease!

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