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Battling Binge Eating
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Originally Posted by LittleMissNiki View Post
hi uv done so well-congrats on ur acheivments so far!iv managed to do 7days binge free but have wanted to eat junk badly-literally just tryin to find things 2do to distract myself from cravings!its weigh in tomorro morn so will c what my result is after gaining 6lb last week from my binge wknd-so frustrating that it taking so long to reach my goal this time around...things could b worse i suppose..mainecyn-i admire u for being binge free for so long :-)
7 days! That is wonderful, you are doing so well and working so hard. I still want to eat garbage at times, I really do. The more stressed out I am the worse that feeling is. I try to just ignore the thoughts but they are always there, sometimes just louder than others. I keep trying, at times its hour to hour, maybe minute to minute to be honest. I find myself freaking out at the idea that I have continued to gain.

In my mind I always told myself if I could just stop the binge eating the weight would drop off. Its not doing that at all. All I keep doing is looking in the shower or mirror at the saggy skin, the butt, my waist, my legs, I swear I can feel the inches add up every couple seconds. Thank you so much for the encouragement, really. I am ok binge wish, but self esteem wise and depression, well its setting in and I don't know what to do. I keep having thoughts of so many different things, exercise, diets, surgery, anything. That is so sad.

41 days, I think? Well, its an accomplishment, that's for sure..but I thought I'd feel better about myself, I really did.
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