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This is actually high quality state of the art science compared to the most central diet 'truths'of the last 50 years.

Saturated fats are bad? Zero proof. Ancel Keys was a hack and fraud. Vegetable oils are good for you? Mind blowing nonsense.

Whole grains are good for you? Completely made up tripe. Get the free ebook through March 3rd I mention in carb counters if you don't believe me.

Yes this isn't a valid study, in it being so small. But at least the form is a randomized clinical trial. He controlled for virtually all confounding factors by using himself twice and the same amount of calories both times.

If you've bought any of the standard diet advice the last 50 years, your eating is based on a lot worse studies. And I did buy into it. Thank goodness not any longer.

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