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Trying to live below 200
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Hi Everyone!

We had fun today. I didn't get back home in enough time to go to the shop to workout. I tried, but it didn't quite work. We secured Cody in the back seat with his new harness. He did pretty well. When we first left, I had to pull over to untangle him. After that he was fine. I think he will enjoy traveling like that better than the crate. I will still have to use the crate when I have to make multiple stops. I don't trust him not to eat the straps and the whole car.

I think I had a successful day. I kept Cody with me and let DH go on ahead into the festival. The festival was more for him since it was about hunting and outdoors. There were dog events, too. I also didn't want to go into the vendor area of the festival because I didn't trust myself around all of that food. No sense in pushing the envelope since I had that crazy stress binge this week. I kept Cody around the perimeter. I didn't want to stress him too much with a lot of people and dogs. We had contact with people and dogs but he wasn't bombarded all at one time. We had one on one contact. I think it went well.

We then went to the restaurant where we had went before. The last time we were there they grilled my seafood and it was literally some of the best that I have ever had. Today they wouldn't grill it. The festival brought in a lot of people. The waitress said the cooks wouldn't grill food since it took too long, they didn't have much grill space, and frying was quicker. Grilled food isn't even on their menu. So, I ordered fried food but that was my lunch and dinner.

Novangel Hi

Laciemn Did you get your car back, yet? I hope the repairs aren't to bad.

Skettihead Congrats on your weigh in!

Angie Congrats on the .4! I think Cody did well. He is definitely a handful so it will be baby steps for him. What kind of puppy are you getting.

NewKate Hi and welcome to the check-in!

Alaskanlaughter I'm so sorry about your loss. Is this the same BIL that checked your car before?

Syckgirlsfv Enjoy your show tonight. I'm getting ready for The Amazing Race!


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