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If I retire at 65 which are my plans only 1.5 months to go. On days like today, I want out of here now. My nerves are getting the best of me today.

Why are you up before the sun??????

It's day's like today that I really want to retire. And during my panic attack here at work, I texted my sister in MO and told her I was ready to retire. This is the worse panic attack yet. Now I am getting a migraine and dreading driving home in this MESS. The tree limbs are bending over and the power lines are sagging with all the ice. It does make a beautiful picture though.
I've been trying to keep the tanks as full as possible. and my favorite lineman is on duty and out working. He called my other favorite lineman for a different location so prayerfully things will not be tooooooooooo bad as the night goes on. It sounds as though it's sleeting now.
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