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Thanks Darcy and Happy Belated Birthday I am trying to stay between 1200-1300 calories while paying close attention to carbs, protein and sodium. On the days that I have the lower calories I can usually balance them out with a higher day. Are you eating too low too many days in a row? That could be it also, I think when I did that I started to gain also but as soon as I hit a high day I had a nice loss. Weird I know but it worked ... Just a thought This held true for me also ---> It seems to me, anyway, that blood sugars might be better or at least more stable over the course of the day because the spikes would be smaller. And one thing I remember from my dietician when pregnant, a 30-minute walk or other form of exercise after a meal will lower your blood sugar (I definitely saw proof with fingersticks!), so if you're worried about a meal, walk it away. :-)

Thanks Trish today hasn't been a good eating day for me. I had a snack attack of the brain after church, smh. Hoping I can get it into gear the rest of the day because I overdid it. Wish me luck because this is what I did before I'll go back and look but I think I had a one pound up the next day and then the day after also ... I can't do that again ... I want to at least see Darcy's ticker weight in the morning
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