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I think I'm losing it!
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Originally Posted by yoyoma View Post
It's a problem in both directions. It makes it harder to avoid gaining weight during maintenance and harder to feel happy with my accomplishments
I totally relate to this.

OP, I've been overweight since childhood. I understand what you're saying. I've lost 50, 75 and 100+ lbs before in my lifetime, and I never really "felt thinner" -- don't get me wrong, I know I was able to move differently, but to me I didn't feel I looked any different than when I was 300 lbs. It's a total mind game. I do find that the few photos I have at this weight fascinate me. So, I'd recommend having some photos taken that you can focus on to really see yourself.

Usually, I immediately began to bounce back up from my lowest weight, and have never maintained for any length of time. This time I've maintained a 135 lb loss (more or less) for around a year. But, it's all consuming. I still feel "deprived" and as if I'm having to try so hard just to maintain. It's discouraging to be so "into it" yet not losing. There's no payoff there, know what I mean?

I had a doctor tell me once that if I couldn't "see" my weight loss that I was doomed to regain it. And, I would say that for the most part that has been true. This time, I feel like I'm hanging on by my fingernails. I still want to lose more, but don't want to sacrifice more to keep losing. Hang in there!

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