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Thank you so much Steelslady for your welcome and posting a sample menu. Your salads sound a lot like what I make. I always put Craisins in my salads and a sprinkle of walnuts. In the summer I add about 1/2 cup of blueberries and they give it a little sweetness.

I bought a pkg. of Joseph's wraps last week and just looked at them and there are 6 g. of fiber in the ones I bought. I got them at Market Basket (I see you are also from NH). I find Market Basket has more of a selection of Joseph's products than Shaw's or Hannaford's.

Before they had the points system, WW had a Fat & Fiber Plan, where you aimed for at least 20-25g. of fiber. I plan on aiming for those numbers and increasing the amount slowly. I have an issue with my stomach where some foods don't agree with me and leave me feeling bloated and uncomfortable.

My DH & I are retired and for exercise we go to the mall and walk. We try to go Mon.-Fri., but these past couple of weeks with the snow storms and various appointments, we've only managed 1 or 2 days.

That was a funny story about the high fiber Polaner S/F jelly. I can just picture everyone running to the bathroom. I'll have to look for some. I used to love their apricot high fiber jelly and was known to eat it out of the jar. But, I can't find it anymore.

Liliann, I too am glad you started this thread, and thank you. It sounds like you're doing great. Hope you're having a good weekend.
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