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Originally Posted by freelancemomma View Post
Who set it in stone? Will you get fined or jailed if you tweak the plan to suit YOUR needs?

Even if you go on a packaged tour vacation, you have some freedom to explore on your own. To my mind, packaged diets are the same thing: take what works for you and modify the rest.

This! As to whether just 1 gram of sugar will derail you, I'll share my experience: I have used a lot of prepared foods on diets over the yrs. I especially fell in love with Trader Joes Asian vinaigrette, turkey meatballs, and a few other things. I noticed that I was seemed to crave more no matter how much I ate. Once I read the label, I saw two culprits, for me, anyway: sugar and salt. Even though the calories were reasonable, the effect on my palate and on my brain were sabotaging me. Some people don't have this sensitivity, so again, you are your experiment of one to see what works.

Fortunately there is a vast assortment of sugar free products and recipes for unprocessed food prep that makes it easier to eliminate sugar without meals being grim & monotonous. I say this as someone with little time to cook & no culinary genes, lol.

In addition to whatever support you find helpful, there are great books out there, my favorite Brain over Binge, but there are others too. I recently read about Food Addicts Anonymous, which may have a different slant than OA, though it's a 12-step program too.

Keep at it and you will find your own way by customizing a WOE to your needs. If something doesn't work, it's not failure, it's information.

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