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Happy Sunday, everyone! Sorry I've been work schedule is long and crazy, and even though I sneak in for a break I never seem to have the time to stop and write. I know the very late nights and short amount of sleep aren't beneficial for blood sugar control or weight loss, but until I can change what I can't currently change, it is what it is. :-)

Rennie, how awesome that you've reached your all-time low AND have a great FBS to go with it. What you're doing is definitely working!

Mad, yay for you, too!! How exciting to see those elusive numbers finally stick!

Ruth, I'm in the "a pound is great!" camp, too. I know it's frustrating not to see more, but it's still a pound gone (and way better than a gain!).

Trish, you are so motivated with your plan and knowing what to do. I can feel the excitement in your posts of how well things are working, and the fact you tracked everything and were able to enjoy your outing without the guilt means everything!

Carol Sue, major congratulations due to you for reaching onederland!! To see that "1" in front of whatever numbers follow has to be such a HUGE boost! :-)

Gayle, glad to hear you're on methotrexate. As for the flares and switching meds, I would say as long as your flares aren't too severe or very frequent, it would be best to stay where you are and possibly increase the dosage before switching meds. You had asked about flares with me, and I haven't had more than a couple, and only because I've overdone something. However, I tend to have a lot of tendon troubles that I never had before RA, so I feel they must be linked. I get severe cramping and pain in my toes and feet, and I've had a couple of fingers pull so badly that they overlapped because of the cramping. Tends to be tied to usage also, and it eventually goes away in a half hour or so. Docs aren't convinced it's an RA issue, but I am. My personal belief is as long as something is working pretty well, it's best to stay there. Yes, there are other meds to try, but I want to reserve them for when I really need them...and the fear that they may not work as well or have other side effects I don't want to deal with.

As for me, a little on the frustrated side. I've been tracking daily and staying at (but mostly just below) 1200 calories a day and seem to be gaining a pound a day the past few days. I'm assuming it must be salt and retained water? I know I can't put real weight on that fast! Hoping to see some improvement in that soon. I saw my new low (by a couple of tenths LOL) on my birthday last week but the day after, I started climbing. I haven't worked this weekend, so no fluid retention in my feet and legs, which is why I was hoping to see better results on the scale. Oh well...if I can just keep going mentally (and food wise!), hopefully I'll be rewarded one day soon!

I know in last month's thread there was discussion about eating 3 meals versus eating smaller, more frequent meals and the effects on blood sugar, and I've been giving that some thought. For those of you who want to eat more frequently but are worried about blood sugar levels not being able to go down in between, I think it's less of an issue than you think. The way I see it, anyway, if you eat 3 larger meals, there is more of a blood sugar spike because of the volume of food. If you eat smaller, more frequent meals, your blood sugar will rise less with each and still fall in between to where you started. It seems to me, anyway, that blood sugars might be better or at least more stable over the course of the day because the spikes would be smaller. And one thing I remember from my dietician when pregnant, a 30-minute walk or other form of exercise after a meal will lower your blood sugar (I definitely saw proof with fingersticks!), so if you're worried about a meal, walk it away. :-)

Sorry for the novel, but wanted to do more than just say hi. LOL

Have a wonderful day, everyone!

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