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Hi all,

Another chilly one today but hopefully we will see some warm up by the end of the week. Might go out to toss a drink back with the cousins - it's her birthday and I haven't had a single glass of wine all month! Still trying to figure out what to make for the pot luck dinner at the Humane Society tomorrow. Not much else is going on. Just a bit of tinkering about the house before we leave. DH is trying to remove some more snow which just means putting it from one place to the other.

Nice pictures Shad - too bad they don't have a souvenier shop - raise some funds by selling off excess gifts and historical trivia. Looks like an interesting visit though. Sounds like you are quite the busy one. As least it's busy and not banging head against the wall frustration. Did you raise the sun out of the horizon with as early as you are on the job? I saw a couple of body balance cds online but not sure if they would work for you or if the post would let them into the country. Ok, what's a shufti but if it's at the Bot Gardens, it's probably worth having, right?

Ceejay - please be careful travelling. Bummer that you have to leave the house. That's when I am most happy being retired - not having to get out in the mess and worry and waste a lot of time commuting. Sounds like the niece's BF is getting out just in time. Hope he makes it ok too.

Michelle - hope you numbers come back improved. Sorry to hear that Santa is slow healing on the foot. At least it doesn't seem to be getting him down.

Hi Laura, Hi Susie Hi Annie I think I'll try and get a few things picked up before we get ready to head out. Have a nice Sunday all. Hope the weather doesn't ruin your plans.
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